Hello everyone,

I am making this post because i’s come down to me having ask for help. Help for what you maybe wondering, well let me give you a short reason as to why: I lost my job last week and have been looking for another since then. Thanks to not having a job, I am short on money. Really short. I have no way of making 400 dollars before the end of the month for rent. I also have no way of paying any of my bills nor anyway of buying food for myself. I’m at my witts end of trying to figure out just how to make some sort of cash to make sure I can make my ends meet for at least one month.

So this is where you guys come in,

I’m offering emergency commissions. I am going to try an take on as many as I possibly can before the month is up.

Flat Busts 15$-20$ examples: (X) (X)

Shaded Busts 20$-25$ examples: (X) (X) (X)

Reference sheets 30$-40$ (depending on complexity) examples: (X) (X)

I almost open to draw anything, but here a few things I do not draw: Mechs, porn (soft or hard), and animals.

If you have any questions or wish for a quote, please contact me at koipatches@gmail.com, (this is also my paypal)

Even if you cannot afford commissioning me, I’d really appreciate if you could spread the word/this post around. I’m desperate to make ends meet. I don’t like asking for help when I already know most people are short on money as is.

I thank you for taking the time to read, reblog and spread this around.

I still doing these and I am even more desperate in taking as many as I can.

Reason being: I didn’t get the job I was banking on. I hate to ask this of you guys, but if you can donate any spare change, even if it’s just a dollar, that would be nice, but I’d rather draw something for your money than ask for this hand out.

If you can’t spare anything or afford a commission, please spread the word. I am at rock bottom and I don’t know where else I can ask for help.