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Wop wop, my updates are gonna get pretty slow (they’ve been already I know) Had a small family emergency a couple weeks ago that took some time getting used to and I’ve started working on personal comic project again :0 I’ve had a couple to false starts trying to complete a comic of my own but this is the farthest I’ve gotten (it’s been something like 8 months I’ve been off and on working on this?) and I’m getting super excited about it again after going to eccc.

I’ve still got a couple unfinished eruri things in the works but they may take a while (losing files kind of shot my interest in a mini comic I was doing u_u)

I keep tweaking this the more I look at it but it’s done enough for now. 

I did want to share something a kind anon made me aware of that I think is super cool. 

Super lovely Centaur!Eruri Fanfiction!

It is NSFW (mostly at the very end) but it’s wonderfully written and you should go read it asap :>

Edit: After reading some replies (mostly tags) I feel I should mention that the story does not contain any frickle frackle with centaurs.